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Creating Bensari Ébénistes, we referred to the most important values which represent the philosophy of our brand. It’s a tribute to traditional carpentry techniques, respect for  craftsmanship and nature - the source of materials and inspiration. It’s responsibility for our work and humanism which makes us concentrate on clients for whom our furniture means more than just another everyday object. It’s their heritage and a bond with future generations.

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Les Artistes

Tom Bensari

Tom Bensari

The founder and main contractor of the Bensari Ébénistes brand. A lawyer by education and a CEO of some of the largest Polish companies for many years. Carpentry is his passion and a getaway from the dehumanised world of corporations. He is passionate about crafts, traditional techniques, tools and carpentry materials.

Roland Grabkowski

Roland Grabkowski

An artist, a sculptor, a doctor of fine arts associated with the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, designer of the Bensari Ébénistes brand. The fluidity of form, the organics and hypertrophy are the means of expression that define his creative activities in sculpture. He sees these attributes as derivatives of touch - the sense which is the basic medium of artistic creation.

The story

carved in wood

In the era of mass-produced furniture, made from materials that have less and less in common with actual wood, the creators of Bensari Ébénistes focus on natural and durable raw materials, such as wood, stone and metal, which – in defiance of the common culture of temporariness – allow for many years of use and provide an opportunity to build a kind of bond between household members and their furniture.

Such an approach comes from a deep respect for material heritage and the desire to surround oneself with objects that are not only beautiful and functional, but also tell a story for future generations.

Our Manifesto


With our creations, we pay tribute to the perfect craftsmanship of the ebenists whose carpentry craft and imagination never cease to amaze us. In the artistic layer we refer to the history of architecture and design, taking inspiration from modernism, its simplicity and functionality.

atelier de menuiserie

Carpentry workshop

The story of our furniture starts at a wooden workbench where the first concept sketches are created. It’s the place where, among traditional carpentry tools and the soothing scent of wood, ideas for durable, beautiful and functional pieces of art come together.



The inspiration for the latest collection was the modernist façade of the Kameleon department store in Wrocław. Roland Grabkowski has interpreted the horizontal divisions and rounded bay windows of the building with a sculptor's sensitivity in order to translate them into the beautiful and functional lines of the furniture.

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The panorama of New York is a story about courage, dreams and passion for creation. It’s a gentle rhythm of façade divisions, light and proportionate, full of life and old stories. This is the Manhattan collection. Contemporary design enriched with the gentle charm of wood and phenomenal, spacious veneers.


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Wysokiej jakości pióro wraz z papeterią wprowadzają niezwykły klimat. Są zarazem wyrazem elegancji, szyku oraz jeszcze większą uwagę zwracają na detaliczność.

Wieczne pióro

Prezent dla wyjątkowego nabywcy. Ręcznie robione i zdobione pióro wraz z ryzom wysokogatunkowego papieru zachęca do przelania historii na papier. Fragment naszej historii możemy wysłać bliskiej nam osobie lub schować do szuflady tak, aby za kilka lat można było wrócić do ważnej dla nas chwili sprzed lat.

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